The first set I made

A long while back I made my first set, containing of a Macrame Leaf Necklace, a bit different looking Macrame Leaf Earrings and a Macrame Leaf Bracelet.

If you like my version of the necklace, you can purchase it here. The earrings and bracelet can be custom ordered, so hit me up on Facebook or directly via my etsy shop! Nothing’s impossible my dears!

I started out with the necklace, since it seemed to be the most work. What makes this (and various other necklaces I made) so neat is, that it is adjustable. You can either wear it as a choker or really loose. Completely up to you. I just love this!

28.12.15 - 9After that I added the earrings, because they actually seemed to be the easiest ones to make and turned out to be the most work, due to the constant color changes. Also finding the right beads for the job was a challenge, but a colleague of mine was sweet enough to empty her apartment of all the bead necklaces she didn’t need anymore.

03.07.15 - 1Finally, I turned to the bracelet and I like the result (I mean it sure looks pretty) but not all the colors are present in the bracelet which buggs me til this day. The fact that it has a button makes finding the right arm it fits on pretty difficult. I usually go after my own wrist size, which might not fit everyone.

28.12.15 - 8I don’t know whether it’s the colors I chose or the leaf theme, but I still have this set at home. No buyers or even any person slightly interested in sight.

I still think, that especially the close up shots I made turned out quite pretty, but you be the judge.



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