Chakra beads

Yesterday after the photo session, Petia asked me for a bracelet with beads in Chakra colors. Of course I said yes. That was the least I could do! Plus, she gives Yoga lessons each year in Corsica and her showing my bracelet around would definitely give me a boost.

Today we went through the colors needed, she picked out the beads and the string she liked and off I went. It took me about an hour and a half, and when it was time for her to pick out the button (she went for purple as a contrast)  she was thrilled, so thrilled in fact that she wouldn’t even take the bracelet off again for a picture I wanted to take for you guys… Well, here’s the only picture I was able to take.


I will definitely keep you informed about any more yoga/Chakra related plans in the future!

In the meantime you can find other beautiful bracelets, or necklaces and even earrings in my shop.


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