Shoes and Macrame?

No, I’m not making shoes out of Macrame!

I hinted in the photo session post, that there would be something different in store. And I mean the „in store“ literal, because you can order your own pair here! Just choose your size and the type of shoe you would like and I’ll do the rest! Order the shoe for you and decoupage beautiful stamps on there! You’ll love them!!

It’s the pimping of shoes!

It started out with me wanting Wonder Woman or at least a female superhero high heels, but after searching though the internet, I realized that people only made them themselves. But how to do it? The internet was my friend again, well partly, because a) finding the material you need isn’t that simple and b) though there are many instructions, it wasn’t what I had in mind. Also, I was brand new at it, so I started with an easier task – napkins! A friend by my side, lots of napkins and glue and he result? Well, I think they turned out pretty alright for a first try.

I wouldn’t sell them because I already wore them and they aren’t perfect yet. It’s not the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, but this definately needs practice. Because you have to watch out that you don’t put too many layers on top of each other. If you do, you end up getting hese white lines that you can see on the picture. But they look great to dresses, especially black dresses!

But this was a good start to get a feel for the glue I used, so I tired something similar, but closer to what I wanted to make. The product of choice? Stamps from ebay!

I fell in love with these shoes, even though, again, they aren’t perfect yet and I know I can do better, but the colors! Look at those colors! 😉 Absolutely adorable to jeans (and I love jeans). I have ordered more stamps from ebay, which should arrive Saturday, then it’s time to pick out some shoes and give this another try!

But the final stage was to get the shoe I wanted. The result with the material (an actual comic book) was sobering.

First of all, I didn’t check whether or not the shoes fit – they don’t, they are too small. Second, the paper is very thick, which makes it rather difficult to glue the paper on, cracks, bumps – tons of them. Also finding the right pictures to use, that fit, weren’t too small or too big, looked cool, etc., was a bit of a challenge. I would wear them if they would fit, absolutely no doubt about it, but I still have to come up with a better plan to make this work. If I end up being successful, I will let you know.

And now: go prepare for your New Year’s Eve party! Have a great one, be safe and may the next year be even better than this one!



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