Shopping Spree 2016

After a pretty tough day I needed a break today.

What’s the best way to get over anything? By buying macrame supplies of course!

There are several pieces I bought, most importantly though, the storage box which can be used on both sides. I had actually been looking for one like this before and this one was on sale, so of course I bought it!

The busts where something I’ve been wanting for photo shoots for a while and again, they were pretty much a bargain. Not on sale, but still a lot cheaper than expected.

The tongs were essential items after me almost breaking one that wasn’t cut out for the job in the first place. And on top that they are pink! 😉 I really can’t wait to use them!

The blue pearls are mostly for a necklace I want to make. An owl necklace that would be the first animal that I’m doing in macrame.

Glue, clasps and buttons are always important, so when I can find any of those items for a bargain, I’ll always go for them. I will definately mention this post when I use these.

Another thing I found was mod podge for the shoes I sometimes make. It’s silver and it’s supposed to be a shimmery finish that I will try out and post as soon as I find the right pair of shoes to try this on.

Sorry for the poor picture quality by the way but it is late and the lighting in my place isn’t the best at night.

And in case you are interested at all: I have two new items in my shop now, take a look  or at least leave a message for feedback.




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