Humble beginnings

Welcome to the blog entry about the past, the time it all began.

Actually, the first time I’ve done macrame, I was 12 and back then it was just called „friendship bracelets“ – at least for me and my friends.

Fast foward some time and there is me, „addicted“ to TV shows. Golden Girls, Walking Dead, Star Trek, Buffy, X-Files – to cut this list short: anything really, so well, just sitting there watching was not my thing, I wanted to do something and I remembered liking to make bracelets, so I ordered everything I needed and got busy.

It was all pretty simply, but I knew I had more in me. I looked for more difficult patterns, spending more time on the internet researching than actually making bracelets, because there was so much to chose from! I finally made broader bracelets, adding more strings and the results weren’t that bad.

But it still looked too much like the friendship bracelets made out of wool from my childhood. But I had come across these wonderful bracelets made with beads! I wanted to do that! But how? In the videos people used lighters to secure the endings of bracelets. You can’t do that with wool! You’ll simply set the whole thing on fire! I worked my way around that for a little while with adding beads to what I knew I could make and some earrings where I could easily use glue.

But it only went so far and some of the outcomes just didn’t look right.

So emails were sent, comments were made and finally I got directed to an online shop in China. Spending a ton of money and another 3 weeks of patient waiting and I could begin.

The start of everything I’m making now – a pair of earrings that was simple, but is still popular with friends and family:

24.05.15 - 1

A small step, but it showed me, that if I had the right materials, taking the time and working at getting better, I could. And now – here I am, with a blog and a shop. It took about two years to get here, but now I won’t stop!

A big thank you to my friends and my family for all their love and support from the very beginning. All females around me have some of my work and even refused them as gifts after seeing what I had turned these friendship bracelts into. 

And a big thank you to everyone that is interested enough in reading all this. It means a lot to me! Thank you!


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