Dangling all the way

My favorites to make are earrings, by far.

Macrame has a lot to offer, but nothing is as quickly made as earrings (most of them) and you can really give it your own touch once you know what you want to do and – of course – if you have the right materials.

Three times the exact same pattern – a really simple one – but three different looks, just through color and beads. They can of course have even more beads, or just one or two. Although I wouldn’t recommend just one…


I like to call these „Aliens“, because I really think that due to the colors and the shape, all they are missing are tentacles and they could easily the aliens of the Simpsons, don’t you agree? I had been asked to make them in red and black (unfortunaly there is no photo), but they instantly looked less alien and a lot more posh. What a little bit of a color change can do!

I really love making these, they are so simple, they can be made in all kinds of colors and even sizes. That way you always find someone interested in them. All you need to know is the person’s favorite color and if the want to go all out, or if they like to keep the earrings a bit smaller.

The ones with the beads are always fun too. Length, amount of beads, color… Anything goes really. They always stand out, regardless of your outfit. A friend even got a guy’s phone number, just because of those lovely turquoise and gold earrings!

The big ones! Not everyone’s thing, but gosh are they great to make! It’s always an eyecatcher! Always!

If any one them interest you, either stop by my shop or simply leave a comment, or contact me via EmailFacebook or Google+ and let me know the color, the make and I will get back to you asap.



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