Alan Rickman *RIP*

I’m sorry that this has nothing to do with Macrame – actually, today I don’t care. To me an old friend died today. Alan Rickman died today. Of cancer. At age 69. The age and illness we had just heard of about David Bowie. David Bowie didn’t mean that much to me personally. I probably know a whole bunch of Bowie songs, but I never actually sat down to listen to a Bowie album. I actually think of him as that 80’s celebrity  that got Christiane F. hooked on drugs.

Alan Rickman on the other hand… He was kind of always there for me. My first movie that I watched over and over and over again was Robin Hood with Kevin Costner when I was about 11. That is ages ago. Rickman played the Sheriff of Nottingham so over the top with amazing lines like „I’ll cut his heart out with a spoon (…) because it hurts more“ that you just had to remember him. Needless to say: his facial expressions were off the charts!

Die Hard came later for me. A lot later. And thank goodness for that. Alan Rickman is great in a lot of movies, but as a german villain with a german accent? Definitely  not his best. Sorry – I love the movie, but I have to watch it german, otherwise it hurts ^^

Dogma – I don’t even know how to describe this movie without getting into it too much. Rickman is God’s voice in this movie – nuff said, don’t you think?! This movie definitely wanted me to have Tequila shots with him, because his character and me drink it the same way. Although for different reasons…

Love… Actually – my personal Christmas movie. Rickman is such a dick in this movie, but dammit, don’t you feel kinda bad for him (at least I do).

And finally ALL the Harry Potter movies. I’ve always thought that they couldn’t have gotten a better actor to play Severus Snape than him. He OWNED this character.

I know I didn’t mention all of his movies (we would be here for days). These are just my favorite ones. The ones that made him my „buddy“. The guy that I thought would point out the good movies for me. He always did that, even if the movie or script were mediocre – Alan Rickman’s performace was always on point. Sometimes over the top – but believe me: he MADE these over the top characters absolutely believable and memorable!


I’ll miss you Rick and I hate that you will never read the phone book to me. I still believe that you could have made it sound sexy! Believe? KNOW!



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