Micro-Macrame and the postponed dream

There is a reason why I haven’t posted in a while.

I thought I could finally start out with micro macrame, a version mith smaller cords and therefore smaller knots. Turned out that I went a little too small with the cords I ordered (0,11mm is really, really, really tiny…). I ordered the cords in the U.S. and waited a little over two weeks for them to get here. When they arrived, I noticed my mistake and well, what can I say. The cords are on their way back home, which will take two weeks, then I’ll need to get my money refunded (I have no idea how long that will take) and I can’t place another order until the end of next week, then another 2 week wait and then – hopefully – I can start.

It’s not like I haven’t been making things in the meantime. I just haven’t enthusiastic about it.

Earrings have been made and advanced:

Two projects for friends have been finished:


A video tutorial bracelet and a „Fran’s original“ bracelet have been made:

And a colleague showed up at work with one of the first earrings I made and let me post the picture I took on Facebook:


So, as you can see, I’ve been busy, just not in the mood to write at great length about it. The project I’m working on right now (to kill the time until the „real stuff“ gets here) will most likely be posted on here. It’s a grey necklace with purple beads that will look like this.

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And now: enjoy your weekend, being creative or lazy! You deserve it!


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