69 Strings

I promised this post and I finished a lot quicker than I expected after watchting the tutorial.

For the first time, I took pictures of the steps, because the tutorial skips over it a little bit.

I have to admit: it looks worse that it actually was. 😉

The sheer amount of strings almost made me not want to do it, especially because the strings were so short. I like to work with longer strings a lot more. You get a feeling that you are making progress when the cords get shorter. But that is a personal preference.

I altered the necklace slighty, because I didn’t like the middle part. I only wanted one longer one in the middle, so I added an extra small one on each side, which raised the amount of strings from 66 to 69, hence the title. And I’m still happy with the result. I’m pretty sure that if I will ever do this again, I’ll make it exactly this was again. But next time with different colors.


New cords should be coming in soon btw. I placed a new order – in Germany this time! Can you believe it?! A friend from a facebook group recommened the website and I ordered a bunch of colors and some Rocailles. It will take about 3-4 days shipping.

I’m also o a „pink mission“. Earrings and bracelet have been done already. Next will be the necklace and then I’ll show them off. I still can’t decide which necklace it should be. Maybe the turquoise one from my first post? Or maybe something completely different. Well, you’ll find out soon!

Please make sure to check out my etsy shop!

Wishing you all a great start of the week tomorrow!



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