Pretty in Pink

Okay… WOW! This took ages! I guess sitting on bed at my friend’s house in Brighton, surrounded by kittens, watching Jeremy Kyle, makes it nearly impossible to try to write this blog.

But I promised this post last time, unfortunately I’m missing pictures of the earrings and the bracelet, so this blog will only be about making this necklace from Macrame School.

In the video 2,8m of cord were used, but I always add 20cm to anything I do (okay, maybe not earrings… there it’s about 5-10cm) just to be on the safe side.  Bad experiences and all… To show you what 3m look like I took a picture of it, because you don’t really see the sheer length in the video. Yes, next to the cords is my foot.20160125_213442

A quick picture of what I end up using to make the necklace. I just don’t have all the items needed for this necklace, so I altered it slightly. It’s just one size of beads and different findings. I also needed glue for the findings and actually 3 rings, not just 2 as shown on the picture.


But the main part of the video is the same. You can follow that, regardless of using smaller beads, larger beads, different findings or – of course – colors.

But there is another bit the tutorial doesn’t show:

How to get less strings again and the „what to do with them“ once you managed to leave them out. It actually goes without saying, but choose the strings that are the shortest at the end and leave them out, when getting to making the necklace narrower towards the end. Once you actually finished, cut them of and secure that with a lighter.

Off to the end this beauty – the findings:

I used glue and 1 cm claw clasps to secure the end of the necklace. After that I added a chain on each side with a clasp on one side and a ring on the other (hence the 3 rings I mentioned at the beginning). That way you can make sure that you get the size you would like and extend or shorten if neccessary.

In the end you get this (I like it to be pretty close to the neck):

2016-01-29 11.21.15

And now I’ll leave you with another link to my shop and a huge THANK YOU again for reading! The last post really went through the roof! I’m still amazed by that! Thank you so much!


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