Dark green macrame earrings with beads tutorial

After another long absence – forgive me, there is way too much going on in my life at the moment – I have another earring tutorial for you. I have asked around and found out that the last one I put online actually made sense, so I guess another one could be appreciated.

Please excuse some of the poor picture quality towards the end this time. There must have been either an earthquake, or I had the shakes for no apparent reason.

It’s another tutorial for people that already have experience with macrame.

We start with what I used to make the earrings:

  • 3,5cm hoop earrings
  • 12 dark green colored cords, each 40cm long (I tried it with 31cm cords and it was a hassle towards the end – maybe another reason for the shaky cam…)
  • the cords are 0,5mm  S-Lon TEX210 cords
  • four 3mm green seed beads

Please make sure that you use the colors that you would like!


Step 1:

Add the 12 cords the first hoop.


Step 2:

Take the cord on each end and knot along side it towards the middle, you should end up with 12 strings on each side. But make sure that you leave out the two cords in the middle!


Step 3:

Add the first bead, putting 1 cord through on each side of the bead


Step 4:

Add two more rows, using the outside cord inwards.


Step 5:

Skip the 4 outside cords (you will use them again later though) and make another row with the remaining 8 cords on each side.


Step 6:

With the 8 strings left on each side, only using two cords at a time, make two double half hitch knots in the same direction.

Step 7:

Continue now with the 4 cords on the outside that you have skipped before (you could finish with the 8 strings first, but I took the pictures the other way). Making two double half hitch knots with the two cords on the outside.

Step 8:

Add a bead to the third string


Step 9:

Taking the second string, follow the outline of the bead


Step 10:

Now taking the cord on the outside, follow the outline again, but stopping after the third string until we finished the middle part, we will pick up from here again (here is where the „artistic“ shaky cam started to take over)


Step 11:

Make another row on each side with the 8 remaining cords in the middle.

Step 12:

Connect the outside part with the middle part. Using the fourth cord from the outside (this must have been an earthquake…)


Final step:

Add a bead to the two middle cords. Then cut all the leftover cords and secure the endings with a lighter.


The earrings should now look like this:


Please make sure that you are paying close attention to which side you are working on! You don’t want your earrings to be backwards!

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Either way you want to follow up on the work I do, you will be informed via social media asap!

Thank you again for reading my blog! I’m really, really thankful!


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