Dark/light Green Macrame Earring Tutorial

This time I’m a lot faster than intended! I guess I have to make up for last time!

Another tutorial for people that know basics of macrame. I will not mention this in my next tutorial.

What did I use?

  • 14 dark green 40cm long cords
  • 2 light light green 22cm cords
  • 1 4mm bead
  • 2,5cm hoop earrings

Please feel free to use any color you want ( as soon as my new colors arrive, I know I will 😉 )


Step 1:

Add the 14 dark green cords to the hoop earring.


Step 2 and 3:

Take the cord on each end and knot along it towards the middle, you should end up with 14 strings on each side. Then take your light green cords and add one on each side, leaving out the two cords in the middle.


Step 4:

Add the bead to the two dark green cords in the middle.


Step 5:

Take the cord on each end and knot along it towards the middle.


Make one more row just like this.

Step 6:

Drop the five outside cords on each side, you won’t need them anymore.


And now to the fun part!

Step 7:

Make one more double half hitch.6

Step 8:

Now a reverse double half hitch with the same cords.


Step 10:

Now a double half hitch on the other side.


Step 11:

And another reverse double half hitch with these cords.


Step 12:

Close the loop with the two cords in the very middle.


Now cut off the left over cords and secure them by burning them with a lighter.


The back of the earring should look like this:


Congratulations! Another pair of pretties just for you, or a friend or a family member!

Be sure to check out my other tutorials and make sure you check back soon for more.

The delivery I’m waiting for should get here tomorrow and I intend to make gorgeous ones with those cords!

The obligatory reminder that I have an etsy shop!

Also, you can find me on pinterest, Instagramfacebook and twitter.

So all that is left for me to do is thanking you again for checking in on me and my progress and wishing you a wonderful and creative rest of the week!

You will read me again soon!



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