Long overdue tutorial

Excuse my long absence please, but I was cursed with creator’s block.

Nonetheless, I’m back with a beautiful set of earrings! This time from a beautiful cottage in Cornwall.

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Start out with getting your bips and bops together.


The essentials you need are:

  • A pair of earrings (in this case earrings with 5 loops)
  • 9 strings of o.5mm cord
  • Scissors
  • 1 larger bead (6mm)
  • 2 medium sized beads (3mm)
  • 4 small beads (1mm)
  • A lighter to secure the endings

Step 1:

2Add 5 strings

Step 2:

3Add on each side one string between the loops.

Step 3:


Finish the row and…

Step 4:

6Add one more row for good measure.

Step 5:


Add the large bead to the middle chords.

Step 6:


Make 1 forward double half hitch and 1 backward double half hitch, repeat and make one half hitch forward and one backwards with the two chords next to the large bead.

Step 7:

Repeat step 6 and knot together.

Step 8:


Using the next three strings on the left, make a row.

Step 9:


Add a medium sized bead to the third string of the row you just made.

Step 10:


Now make a row along the bead and the middle part and…


Make sure that you don’t use the leading string from the row you made before, but that you put it behind your work in progress.

Step 11:


Repeat step 6, this time with the two chords on the outside and add a small bead at the end. Please make sure that you make the middle knots the other way around. I’ll point it out again at the end, because I made a small mistake here.

Step 12:


Attach the string to the middle part with the first string of it, then change directions, making the leading chord the working chord and make a double half hitch forward, backward, forward and backward and a small bead next to it.

Step 13:


Making a loop around the bead, attach the string to the middle part, sparing the two chords in the middle. The mid section goes from left to right in this picture, but as you can see in the next picture they are going from right to left, what I actually wanted. You could do it either way, I had to open and change it, because I had already made one earring this way, so I to make sure they look alike.

Step 14:


And here is the reason why I wanted it to go from right to left – so I could make this extension. It’s forward double half hitch, backward double half hitch and a forward/backward one. Do the same on the other side and connect them.


This is what it should look like now. Cut off the endings and secure them with the lighter. Watch out for the two in the back – make sure not to melt off your work!


Your finished product!

I will not be linking to anything today because this blog entry already took me several hours, due to it being written on a tablet with a pretty unstable internet connection. Each picture took several minutes to upload. If something is unclear, please comment below (you can do that without a WordPress account by the way), send me an email or leave a message on Facebook.

Please excuse the shortness of this blog, but like I said:  the conditions aren’t the best.

Thank you all for reading still. It means the world to me!


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