My personal struggle with online selling and social media

Today I was called a „role model“ in a comment under a posted link of my newely opened etsy shop. I was really surprised by this statement, because it seems to me that I’m doing everything wrong or backwards and that I’m jugglng too many balls at the same time. Etsytwitterfacebookdawandaezebeegoogle pluspinterest, all the analyizing and „help“ tools for twitter, writing my blog on free wordpress that simply hinders you in almost everything that you do, creating jewelry and working full time. And in this list I haven’t even mentioned the struggle of trying to find my „branding“! Because apparently this is one of the biggest things that you need to figure out when writing a blog or trying to sell anything online. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find the correct colors, a logo that makes sense and then go full professional marketing on this bitch without any experience? Well, I did find a bunch of blogs that talk about this, but working full time in a completely different field is impending to say the least. At least from what I’ve been reading.

I at least found colors that I like:12439445_1672452826361344_1593126826644830646_n and as you can see, I already bought some packaging materials in those colors for my latest commissioned work I got (due to a lovely colleague at work, not because of my awesome online selling skills). But a logo? I have nothing – not even the slightest idea! The free logo creators online are only showing what I don’t what and spending 200€ or more on a professional graphic designer is simply out of the question. I can’t pay all of this without any extra income. As long as I’m not making a single penny with my creations, I can’t afford more than the measly 7€ I spent on facebook marketing yesterday… And will be the last time for a while…

Speaking of which: As I said, I’ve only started this week long „promotion“ yesterday, to boost shoes that I put stamps on (you can see those here: Shoes and Macrame?), but I only got ONE like on etsy, that wasn’t from a friend of mine. This is frusrating beyond believe, because it makes me doubt myself and what I do. I don’t know whether I misjudged my products, if I suck at marketing or if I’m over reacting. Or, maybe: I’m simply using the wrong freaking keywords?!

Keywords… Another word that is doing my head in! Being restricted by what I’m making and writing about, I don’t have that many keywords to begin with (don’t be fooled – you can’t use too many either)! And since I’m also writing in a language that isn’t my native language (but I have to do that if I want to reach a wider audience – there aren’t that many people in the world that speak German, you know), it’s really tough to find the correct phrasing for headlines that will stand out. Or sometimes I‘ struggling with finding all the right keywords that are possible. And trust me: there is no blog out there that explains keywords in the Macrame section of the internet…

Also deciding where to post, when to post and what to post can be a challenge! It’s always said that „you need to know your audience“. Well: what audience? I usually don’t get any feedback, unless I ask friends – and well, they are friends, so of course they are being supportive. All I can see on here, for example, is which country my readers are reading my blog from. I guess that helps, but I don’t know anything else about them. I assume they are mostly female, but age range? What else they like, besides Macrame tutorials? No clue! Because I don’t even know their names! And keep in mind – I’m by myself and I’m working… How would I ever click through every single person and then create a profile of my readers in general? Well, it is an easy task with people that buy from me so far, because the amount is 0…

So I came to the conclusion that most blogs that deal with „how to make your blog great“ can be helpful to people that have studied online marketing or have at least been around long enough to have had connections with their readers. For me, they are absolutely useless at the moment. There might come a time, when I can get back to them to help me with the next step.

Until then, I’m thinking about dropping out of google plus and pinterest when posting and adding instagram instead, because I see a lot more potention in instagram than I do in the other two. At least when it comes to getting my work out there.

Also I will most likely drop dawanda and ezebee. Both shops are, for different reasons, not what I was hoping they would be and I am thinking about writing a blog entry about both of them.

I know that all of this sounds extremely discouraged and pissed off, but every retweet, every follower, every like, every click, every share and every statistic that increases is such a wonderful and humbling feeling that I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m a stubborn person and I won’t let this online/social media hill beat me! I will definitely continue! At least until I get one single sale on etsy 😉 Although I would need a lot more than one, to get the money back in that I spend on all the material I bought… I think I have to get back to making more jewelry, so I have something to sell in the first place…

Oh, just one more thing: I have touched on a few subjects in here pretty briefly and after I collect my thoughts on them, you’ll hear from me again.


Off to share this with the world on all the different platforms and then get creative again!

Thank you for reading. Even if you are not interacting with me, you do not go unnoticed (or at least the country you’re from doesn’t)


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