My positive experience with

I had a very pleasant surprise today checking my emails.

Apparently my blog is actually being read! I was contacted by the wonderful Sam from ezebee today. In this email she told me that she read my blog entry My personal struggle with online selling and social media and she gave me some great advice! The advice I was actually hoping for when I spent hours on the internet, reading through blogs and social media „help“ websites.

She told me, that I should add more items to the shop and gave me a very good explanation as to why I should do that. If you add items regularly to any  online shop, you stay relevant and active, not only on ezebee, but on etsy and dawanda as well. Af I’ve stated in my last blog entry though, this will mean that you’ll spend money (even if it’s just cents per item) on a regular basis on etsy and dawanda. This can add up pretty quickly, even if you only add one item per week, per website. Hence me really thinking about dropping dawanda all together and then focus on ezebee and etsy instead. That way I’ll have one site for free and one that isn’t.

Another advice she gave me, was that I should make a second Showroom on my site in German, because I would have double the presence and double the keywords. I wanted to to do that just now, but unfortunately ezebee is going through a relaunch at the moment and I can’t access my shop. So instead, I added German keywords to my etsy articles to expand my reach of potential customers (hopefully).

You might also want to check out their upcoming article series on there magazine page about „How to write a kille SEO article“. I’ll definetly check it out and let you know what I thought about it. I just want to see, if this will be as helpful as Sam’s advice, or if this will the generic „know your customers“ crap again.

To summarize this: I’m absoluetly and positively overwhelmed by the type of support I got from the Online Marketing team from ezebee. I was thinking about kicking it, but there is no way I’ll do this now!

And finding out that I’m sort of „on the map“ already…. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to not give up and continue everything I’ve been doing.

If Sam will buy one of my items, I’ve done everything right 😉

P.S. Did I mention that the German ezebee facebook account added my facebook account? Yes, they are that awesome!



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