We have a winner!

Today the giveaway will be going out to its winner @MarketaVodakova on Twitter.

About the giveaway:

I let the twitter giveaway run for about a week, after reaching 200 followers. Within that week I managed to reach 100 more followers.

Unfortunately I had to notice that there were a bunch of people that didn’t enter the giveaway because they didn’t read the instructions correctly. A shame really. But I guess that happens and from a selfish viewpoint not that bad for me really.

I’m looking forward to the next giveaway, which will probably take place on Facebook, if I ever manage to reach 200 likest here. Right now I’m stuck on 125. I was asked by several friends why it had to be twitter, since they don’t have a twitter account.

But maybe  I’ll make a giveaway on Twitter where people will have to like my Facebook page and then after reaching 200 make my first Facebook giveaway… That’s a lot of giveaways… We will see.

It was a lot of fun, I met some amazing new people and broadened my audience. I’m still sad to report that my sales haven’t gone up yet though. I’m not giving up, you know me now a little bit, that’s something I won’t do.

A quick update on what I’m working on at the moment: a colleague asked me for friendship bracelets, which I started doing for her. I made three so far, but will try to make some more.


There’s also another gift that I’m working on, so nothing new will be added to my Etsy store this week.

Be sure to stop by the usual places and say hi. Maybe even help me achieve the 200 likes on Facebook 😉

Have a great Thursday my dears and congratulations again @MarketaVodakova!


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