Wrapping up the giveaway AND a great week

Today I was sent a picture via Twitter of the gorgeous @MarektaVodakova wearing one of the prices of my First Giveaway on Twitter. I simply have to share this with you. She looks stunning and the earrings suit her really well!



A few days ago I was already blessed by her, because she tweeted about receiving the envelope and thanking me for it.


This giveaway was exactly what I had hoped for! Marketa is really happy and I’m thrilled that she likes my jewelry and is telling the world about it!

Please, make sure that you follow her on Twitter, she is a real gem!

I will definitely do another giveaway, maybe on Facebook, but only if I reach 200 likes on there. I mean – there must be a reason for a giveaway! 😉

The next one on Twitter will be when I reach 500 or 1.000, we will see. 😉

And to explain the title picture that seems to have nothing to do with this: Yesterday I finally got my first sale on etsy!!!


I think I’m ready to take over the world now 😉

And something else great happened! I’ve been featured on not just one, but TWO etsy treasuries!

The first one is on For Lubica

Lindaby the wonderful Linda Linden and shows the Macrame Earrings in pale pink with purple beads.

And the second just went online and is called Show your Star power 

Cherylby the lovely Cheryl Town and shows my Macrame earrings star shaped in turquoise!

Please go check them out! These treasuries are a ton of work and you’re given the opportunity to find a bunch of related items in one place! (Reminds me, that I need to start one at some point…)

Anyways, I’ve had some more none macrame related good news, but I’ll tell you all about that closer to the time.

I’ve been so blessed in the last few weeks and I’m hoping that the fleamarket in Cologne this Sunday will be just as much of a blessing! If you are in the area of Metro Godorf, please stop by. 🙂

THANK YOU!! And have a great weekend soon (or already)!


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