The personal reason of why I’ve been so quiet

I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I origninally wanted. My goal was to write at least once a week. Either about my social media experiences, how my sales are going and what I’m doing about it or at least one tutorial, since I know of a few people that actually enjoy them. But I simply haven’t had the time.

It all started in January of this year (so this has been going on a while). I had changed jobs at the beginning of the year and with this job change came a wonderful opportunity: I could go home!

To explain that: I grew up in a small town close to Frankfurt, Hessen, which I have been away from for 10 years now. I first moved to Frankfurt for my job training.

Then after that actually left the country to move to beautiful Brighton, UK.

And then moved back to Germany, but this time to Cologne.

I found a job that I really liked and decided to stay a while. Well, this while turned into 8 years. I never wanted to stay 8 years, since I never felt at home in Cologne. Brighton was a different story – I loved Brighton and the people there. I still have friends over there, that I try to visit at least once a year…

Anyways… So, yeah… Where was I? Right, change of jobs!

I didn’t really change companies – sort of… Changed to the mother company and got a job where all I needed to work was a computer, a good internet connection and a telephone line. Which means: home office! I’m not working from home yet, but I will after I moved.

The offer of homeoffice was made and my parents and I jumped into action. Two weeks after I had been made the offer, we had already found an apartment to buy that I liked and could afford and put a offer down, which was accepted and then the craziness insued. Looking at the apartment, talking to the bank, filling out tons of paperwork (I don’t think I’ve ever signed that much in my entire life), trying to find someone to move into my current apartment, working out moving dates with the previous owners, canceling contracts, making new contracts, opening a new bank account, trying to sell stuff at flea markets, notary appointments, starting to pack boxes because I’m already storing stuff at my parents house and so many emails and phone calls!

Last Thursday the payment went through, so it is official now: I am owning an apartment!

But the thing is: I won’t move until middle of July, because the previous owners are still living in the apartment while they are building their house. Which means, I’ll have some more stuff to deal with, until I’m finally settled in. So please: bare with me, while I’ll be a bit absent from blogging and making tutorials.

I’m still adding things to my shop, still being more or less active on Twitter and I’m still posting on Facebook. It’s all just a lot of work right now (oh, and have I mentioned that I’ve caught a pretty bad cold?).

I should be back to blogging regularly the latest in September, until then, I will try my best to at least write something once a month to keep you updated, but my main priority is trying to get this moving thing out of the way and maintaining my etsy shop.

I hope didn’t go into too many boring details, but still managed to explain what is going on.

Thank you for baring with me and supporting me! To quote a great time travelling machine: I’ll be back!


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