First giveaway on Facebook?

I want to make sure that you will get this info straight away:

I don’t think this giveaway will actually happen.

And now to what the heck I am talking about:

I’ve said on April 28th that I will do a Facebook giveaway, when I ended my first giveaway on twitter that if I would reach 200 followers on Facebook, I’d do a giveaway there as well. It took a long time, but I finally got there. With the way Facebook is basically hiding business pages, it isn’t easy to reach everyone, but I managed to share posts with my personal profile and also invested a bit of money in several posts and, well… Reached that goal.

So I made a post where people could vote on what item they’d like to see in the giveaway. Reactions? Well… look for yourselves here
People weren’t even capable of understanding the instructions… And those are mostly friends of mine that we are talking about here. Since none of them read short instructions, I can be pretty sure that they won’t read this either. Reading seems to really be going out of style… No wonder we have instagram and snapchat now…

But I digress… A bracelet won (well… aparently no one had noticed that my specialty are earrings now, but if the herd demands bracelets, they shall get bracelets) I got ill shortly after that, so I hadn’t been very active, but still trying to keep up moral and about a week ago, I posted this:

Notifying everyone that I hadn’t forgotten about the giveaway and that I’m working on something special for them… I mean, most of those people are my friends… Or at least claim to be my friend on Facebook… 6 bracelets to choose from! Same style, 6 different colors. It took me about a week to make them, still not being fully recovered and working full time… Yeah, some things might take a while. Reaction… Again, take a look yourselves up there… Jeez people – not everyone at the same time!

So well… I’ve started the giveaway this morning and knowing my friends and how little they actually interact with my business page, I shared it with my personal account and tagged 18 friends in there (people I thought might help, are interested and actually bitched about the first giveaway being on twitter, since they didn’t have an account there)… 3… THREE people reacted… I’ve even sent out messages to those that are really lazy… 3… You might say „Oh Fran, you just posted it today, they were probably busy“ and my response to that is: „Yes, busy liking and sharing other shit – yes shit like „what animal would you be“ or shitty songs with shitty lyrics“. „Well Fran“, you might reply, „maybe they didn’t see your post“. To which I can say „I freaking tagged them, they were NOTIFIED!“

The giveaway will go on for a week, but by then this post will be burried in the bottom of Facebook, where no one ever looks again, unless they want to dig in their ex’s pasts…

So… I’m actually at the point where I’ve decided that I can focus my efforts and money elsewhere. This account has only cost me cash, effort and grief and I think I’m done with it.

When I’ll get back from vacation next week and the post is still on 3 shares, I’ll stop posting on Facebook, then give it a month and close the account, unless anything happens in the meantime.

I’m struggling as it is and online selling is really difficult, especially in the jewelry department. I don’t need to be reminded every day that the people that call me „friend“ don’t give a hoot… That’s just self inflicted torture!

This giveaway will have to reach at least 20 shares, otherwise I won’t do it. I don’t wanna spend money on shipping and packaging for nothing.

So if you wanna try to boost this post, go ahead, you can only win in this:

I think I’m done with it now… I really don’t wanna beg for a split second of someones time to potentially win something that doesn‘ cost them a penny to give them something for FREE!

Have a great weekend my lovelies and I shall be back after I moved and then regularly with tutorials and everything! Back to the roots! Back to what doesn’t aggravate me!



Ein Gedanke zu “First giveaway on Facebook?

  1. Gib so schnell nicht auf. Ich kenne das selbst, meine Facebookseite hat EWIG gebraucht, bis da eine Fanbasis war, die zumindest ein wenig interagieren. Mittlerweile ist es okay würde ich sagen. Teile Deinen Post einfach in vielen Gruppen, in denen er rein passt, dann kommen schon Fans 🙂 Drück Dir die Daumen 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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