The beautiful but annoying thing about etsy treasuries

Before I start talking about etsy treasuries, I wanted to let you know that the Instagram giveaway is done and over with and that a beautiful lady from Toronto won. The items were sent out on Monday, with standard mail, so hopefully she will get them in a week or so. The german post office says it takes 3-6 days, but… Well… I’m preparing for two weeks. Since I’ve never sent anything to Canada, it’ll be a great reference for the future. That is, if the shop would actually be performing…

Performance! What a great way to start talking about etsy treasuries now!

If you don’t know what an etsy treasury is, it’s quite simple: It’s a selection of products put together by an etsy member. Mostly with items that have a coherent theme, i.e. „autum“, „pink presents for girls“, „Dr. Who items“ and so on and so forth.

Anyone who has an etsy account can make a treasury following this link. 2016-08-17 10-16-50

You will have to simply add the links from the items you like!

The finished product will then look a little bit like this: 2016-08-17 10-18-22

Alright, so does it help?

That is the 1 Million Dollar question, because you will certainly get views (from the other people being featured in the treasury, because that is the way to behave), the treasury will get promoted by everyone in the treasury, via twitter, facebook, etc. But mostly people (including me) are promoting it because of their own items being featured and usually, you have posted your items before, trying to promote them and if your followers already didn’t respond to that, why would they now?

Let me just show you what is happening with my shop whenever there is a treasury that I’m featured in: 2016-08-17 10-22-47

The first two numbers look nice, don’t they? But the rest sucks! I haven’t had an order in over a month now and I have been featured in at least 15 or more treasuries. Either my products suck (which can very well be, you tell me!) or treasuries are simply overrated.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to get into a treasury, because it means that at least the curator likes your item enough to include it. It’s also fun to make treasuries, because you get to see what other people are making and how they are taking pictures, what they are specializing in, you can snoop around in their keywords, you get in touch with more sellers (in my case only sellers) and you might even come across a shop that you really like.

In my case that was BarHDesigns! I even ordered something from her!

My very own Wonder Woman pony! Go check her out! I’m promoting her on here, although this was supposed to be about etsy treasuries… See how much I like her?! I mean, come on! Look at that pony!


Therefore I will not stop trying to get featured, but I’m not taking etsy treasuries seriously anymore, because they simply don’t help my sells one bit.

But why don’t you give it a try, or check out some treasuries on etsy the next time you are looking for a gift for something and are totally stuck! The link to get to all the treasuries that are featured on etsy is here.

Let me know in the comments what your experiences with treasuries are, or if this was the first time you heard of them.

Also, stop by my Facebook and my etsy shop, because you might see a bunch of huge changes in the very, very, very near future!

Thank you so much as always for stopping by and reading what I have to say, it’s highly appreciated!



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