Bye-bye FransMacrame and hello Jewel&Knit!

I’ve told you some big was going to happen and here it is!

My sweet mom Doris and her socks have joined FransMacrame and together we created Jewel&Knit!

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Say hello to Doris!


My mother has been knitting for years, actually since I can remember I’ve always had at least one of the sweaters she made in my closet (and I still do). But a few years back she started knitting socks with a passion beyond believe! Everyone in my family owns at least three pairs of socks that she always adds as a bonus to birthday and Christmas gifts. Friends started paying her a little bit because they wanted socks for their friends and family members. Everyone loves them, because they are of high quality, warm, don’t scratch and are just a colorful delight!


So the next natural step for my mom was to knit socks for charity, which she has done on several occasions. But: she still has tons of socks left, which she would like to sell at an affordable price to people that appreciate handmade goods of high quality. And you can believe me when I say: she knows what she’s doing. Again: she has been doing this for years!


During the time when she doesn’t knit (mostly while watching some great movies, or catching up on Game of Thrones), she likes to go on hikes with my dad in Austria, enjoys a glass of wine while reading a good book or meets with friends.

I’m really glad my mom joined me in my online endeavors and I’m really hoping she’ll see something come out of it!

So please, head over to our new etsy shop Jewel&Knit and show her some love! All of the socks in this shop are unique. They will only be made once in this size and this color. She will not make the same pair twice, so you can be certain that you will have an original J&K at home that nobody else on the planet will own!

Oh and please don’t forget:

We are not FransMacrame, we are:

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