The beautiful sock invasion of Jewel&Knit and the little victories

For the past few weeks, I’ve uploaded seven pairs of socks that Doris made.

At first I thought I would be using the same keywords over and over again and therefore not gain a lot of views, because I wouldn’t list very highly, but: Victory! I noticed yesterday, that the above shown pair of children socks actually ranks on spot number 1 for a specific keyword. Now, I have to admit, I don’t know how many people are actually searching for this, but nevertheless – number 1! I haven’t been able to achieve that with any other item and any other keyword before. So: yay!

Today I was told that the earrings from my last give away finally arrived in Toronto. Once pictures have been posted, I’ll make sure that you’ll get to see them

Also, there is currently a lovely item on sale. 50% off, can you imaging? These beautiful angel wings earrings… I must be nuts… No, actully the nuts part is the fact that there is also currently a 20% sale happening with the code JEWELNKNIT20… So technically these earrings will only be 4€. I seem to be ripping myself off ^^

Yesterday I got to send out a custom order of 10 christmas ornaments to a friend. Now I’m waiting for my new cords, so I can finish the other 30 ornaments that have been pre-ordered.


Mid September, I’ll post a few 5 items sets on etsy, so everyone can get the chance to get a very special set of Christmas tree ornaments. They’ll be a available in purple, white, blue, red, green and gold. Maybe not all of these colors at the same time, since it does take time to make them, you know? 😉

So, you should be updated on what is going on in my online life!

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Hope you all have a fantastic and productive week!






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