What I have learned about Keywords and Etsy

As you know, I’ve opened my etsy shop at the beginning of this year and I’ve been learning about SEO, titles, keywords and the like ever since. It seems like a neverending task and lately I’ve been spending a lot more time on tweaking my shop than actually crafting.

Reading, attending webinars and the like.

I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far, so here’s a little list of things I took away from my months long endevour:

  1. The titles for each etsy listing are a little world of their own. You want your most important keyword at the very front. In my case it’s „macrame“ for example. You want to use pretty much every single little bit of space that you have available. Put colors and shapes at the end, since the further you get in the title, the less important the information is to be listed. I’m usually trying to fill everything with keywords that could be looked for. This is one example, of I go about it: „Macrame earrings, tribal earrings, Christmas gift, boho jewellery, bollywood earrings, bollywood jewellery, bronze earrings, green earrings„. Make sure to use commas or semicolons between the different keywords.screenshot-www-etsy-com-2016-11-03-11-03-27
  2. The keywords you are using are just as important as your titles, probably even more important. This time it doesn’t matter which order you put the keywords in. You just need to make sure that you are using keywords that are being searched for! You can check that by typing in the search bar of etsy the keyword you want to include. If you only get 200 items that are listed under that keyword, it’s not a very popular keyword, because almost no one is looking for it. At this point you have to decide if you want to keep it, to be ranked in this niche or if you can find something similar that gets a lot more listings. If you go for the latter, you will have more competition. If you go with the first option, you might not get a lot of traffic. Your choice. I’m trying to keep the niche keywords to a minimum, since macrame itself is a niche market.screenshot-www-etsy-com-2016-11-03-11-04-21
  3. Pictures are fundamental, and I stil haven’t found my favorite style with it. But believe me, terrible, blurry, convoluted, messy pictures can kill your business or lets your business never take off. Also the backgrounds need to be either plain (probably not black, but that depends on what you are selling, but I haven’t seen one gorgeous picture with a black background), mostly white or maybe natural, like wood. Again: depending what you are selling, but it seems like people these days are all about the natural goodies, so wood will usually give your items just that look.I’ve also included a size chart as one of the pictures, since I’m working German sizes. A lot of countries don’t measure in centimeters though and they won’t have an idea of what I’m talking about, so they’ll get a chance to see how large the items are in a measurement they know. Make sure you add all 5 pictures you are allowed to. You will be ranked higher if you do. Include pictures of details and the like. screenshot-www-etsy-com-2016-11-03-11-05-13
  4. Next up, the sections in your shop. Most people are not paying attenion of the part of their shops, but they should and so should you. As you know, we are mostly making macrame jewellery and socks, so I made sure that I made sections and included the word macrame as often as possible. That way my etsy shop will appear a bit more often on Google. The shop will not be on the first page though, because the shop name does not have „macrame“ in it. That would be helpful though. That means, if you are thinking about opening a new shop, or renaming your shop, try to include your main keyword in your shop name and plaster that keyword all over your shop as often as possible.


  1. The descrition of your listings should be as accurate as humanily possible. You know exactly what you made and what you made your creation from, but your potential customer doesn’t, but he/she probably wants to know all that. But(!) make sure to repeat your keywords in the descrition again. It’ll help etsy determine what it is you are selling. For these elven macrame earrings, I wrote the following (I have to admit, that I’m still not 100% sure if this is everything a potential customer would like to know):„These handmade elven style macrame earrings are made of nylon S-Lon cord.
    This type of cord is very strong and durable.
    There are three different shades of blue and silver rocailles. The dark blue and almost white rocailles on the outside are 4mm, the turquoise ones are 3mm and the silver ones are 1.5mm in width.
    There are all together 82 rocailles worked into the earrings.

    ***READY TO SHIP***

    Length: 8cm
    Width: up to 2.3cm

    I weave these using the ancient technique of macrame from superior S-Lon cord that will not fray or tear and is water resistant.
    The hooks are made of iron and are nickel free.

    For best care, avoid prolonged exposure to water and repeated abrasion.

    Shipping worldwide for 7.50€ is standard shipping only.
    If you would like your shipment to be trackable, please upgrade your shipping!

    Every first time international customer will receive a trackable upgrade free of charge!

    Shipping within Germany is always free of charge!“


  2. Fill out EVERYTHING! Your about page, your terms and conditions, your websites, social media – all of this is crucial to etsy! If you don’t, etsy will believe that you pretty much don’t care about your shop, so why should etsy or your potential customers? So, go into detail, tell the world as much about you and your shop as possible and even check the desktop version as well as the app. I’ve just come across a FAQ option that I could not find on the desktop version, but was clearly visible in the settings section of the app! Make sure your potential customers know that you care!
  3. Lastly, but also important: See who your competition is and what it is they are doing. How much do they charge? What did they write in their descriptions? What do their titles look like? Which page did you find them on?  What does it say in their policies?What did they put in their about page? You will find helpful information there, that you can adapt to your shop. Draw inspiration from them, especially if they already have a few sales. They’ve been around and they know what they are doing. You can get vital information from your compition, so use it!screenshot-www-etsy-com-2016-11-03-11-09-21

I want to also recommend a website to you that has helped me tremendously in the last few month: Etsyrank. I’ll write a seperate blog about Etsyrank in a few days. There I’ll try to explain everything I’ve figuered out about it as detailed as possible.

If you have any suggestions or questions about what I wrote, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Either here in the comments, or via our Facebook page.




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