Etsyrank – No.2, Listings

And here we go with one of the most important features of etsyrank – at least imho!

So, let’s not lose any time and get right to it!

Under „Listings“ you find another summary of what is going on in your shop. The average SEO grade of your items (yes, you want an A), how many active listings you have, etc. It gives you a quick oversight of what needs work. And yes, I know, I’m still missing two pictures and honestly, they will probably be missing forever 😉


After that you want to check your grades (I will not dicuss „Featured“, „Tags“, „Missing Tags“ and „Missing Images“, because they are self explanatory). You can find „Grades“ next to „Summary“ or by clicking on the „Listings“ tab again and selcting „Grades“.

At the top, you will find a list of color codes. Pay attention that etsyrank states the following:

„There is no right or wrong when it comes to high or low ranking keywords as they can both present good opportunities.“


Technically, you want a good mixture, but you should be aware that green doesn’t neccassarily mean that this is the only color you want to go for! From my own experience I can tell you, that after taking days changing all of my tags to green, I ended up in such a niche that, sure, I was being found with the most obscure keywords, but no one searched for them. There was no traffic anywhere to be found! No favorites and certainly no sales! So I had to change the titles and tags again. This time: get red color-coded keywords! Get them in the front, that’s where they belong, because those are the words people are mostly searching for. That’s why everyone is using them! If you use green, make sure that these words are at all relevant (I’ll show you how to do that at the end of this blog post) and put them towards the back of your title.

So what if you only want to use the important and medium important keywords? Can you still compete at all? Well, I can show you that you can get an „A“ rating with only high and medium color codes:


The numbers on the right stand for various things. If you go on the actual page, you can see little question marks on top. Hover over them and etsyrank will tell you exactly what they stand for.

But how did I manage to get an „A“ with only high and medium color-coded tags?

For that I clicked „Listing Audit“ underneath the picture of my item.

At first you get a summary about the item again, you can even compare your listing with a competitor.

My numbers aren’t the best for this specific listing. I’ll probably either have to renew the item or make other adjustments to get more daily views in, but according to Etsyrank, I got an „A“ nonetheless.

Right underneath that you get a preview of your listing on Etsy and on Google.


Scroll a little further and you get to see the pictures of your listing and a summary of what you might still need work on with really useful information and tipps on how you can improve your listing. But we’re still not at the good part (again, imho).


The good part comes now:

The Keyword Presence!screenshot-etsyrank-com-2016-12-14-19-26-38

This is the Mecca of information right here! Don’t you agree?

This shows you where in your listing you are using your keywords! You can see how many of your keywords are in the beginning of the title and description. Obviously not every word can be at the beginning, so make sure that you get your most important keywords in the beginning of your title and description.

You can see what changes you can make instantly on your listing to maybe boost yourself a little higher.

In my case: I only have two VIP keywords and they are pretty much the same except one is the plural and one is the singular version, which could be the reason why I’m not beeing seen as often as I should be. I will play around with those settings and let you know in a few weeks, if anything changed.

What you should also check, especially if you are working with the green color-coded keywords on Etsy is the Google trend you see pretty much at the far right. Just click on „See Trend“ and if there are no search results on Google, you might want to change your keyword all together and maybe try it out again at a later time. This basically means that this keyword does not generate any traffic. You shouldn’t be using that. Regardless of it being green or not. Lower results on a specific keyword don’t mean that this a good thing for you.

And don’t be afraid to use a good keyword that works for various items of yours over and over again! The worse that can happen is that you are several times on the first 3 pages of that specific keyword. The keyword everyone is searching for first!

You’re shop will also be identified with this keyword then. And when it comes to Google search: that is a good thing!

Next time I’ll talk to you about the „Rank checker. Prepare yourself: this will be the most frustrating part and honestly, I’m still struggling with getting my items on the front page. „A“ grade or not.

But I will talk to you about that next time! Until then: keep creative and stay busy!




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