Etsyrank – No. 3, Tools

I’ve shown you two valubale things about etsyrank in Etsyrank – No. 1, the Dashboard and Etsyrank – No.2, Listings, but now I want to show the Tool section of it.

There are a few that are pretty self explanatory, like Backups, Spell Checker, Category Tool and the Currency Converter, so I won’t bore you with those.

Let’s begin with the Rank Checker, which you can find clicking on Tools -> Rank Checker. screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-27-09

Here you can type in the keywords you are using to see where you are ranking on etsy. Checking etsy while being logged in with your account will not give you the correct result.

Make sure to add your shop location to find out what happens if your potential customers is only searching for shops in their own country. Results will be different!

If you are searching for new keywords, use the Keyword Tool, to see whether or not this keyword is worth it to use.  screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-37-00

After entering the word you’d like to you, you’ll get a list.screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-39-25

They are the word or phrase you entered and other suggestions. Click on „see trend“ to check if the keyword is worth it. If there is no data in the last 30 days, you might want to reconsider the keyword. I for example just noticed that „macrame earrings“ has been searched so little in the last 30 days that I should probably change this particular keyword.

That’s why I then went to „Compare Keywords“ and entered three different keywords to see which one I should use. screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-43-59

The results are quite obvious in my case, so I will make the appropriate changes later on. The results are a lot higher, the Google trends are a thousand times better and the views are through the roof! screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-47-08

The Profit Calculator is a nice way to check how much profit you’ll actually make. Just type in what you are selling your item for, how much you are charging for shipping and all of the other points and click on Calculate.screenshot-etsyrank-com-2017-01-08-13-51-55

This concludes the etsyrank information I have for you. If you have any questions or remarks, please let me know! And please stop by my shop!

Also: there is a Facebook group for Etsy sellers that have less than 100 sales, that you can join. We’re giving helpful tips and are a small, but strong community!



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